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As with everything technology has had a part to play in the development of equipment. Paintball is no different! We will provide you with the most reliable and up to date equipment and accessories available for your games of paintball.

We have invested significant amounts of money in the latest "Inferno" semi-automatic guns, "Scott" face masks and goggles and full camouflage suits to ensure your comfort and safety.

The paintballs and the paint-grenades that we use are all biodegradable ensuring the environment in left unscathed.

Ambush Paintball prices include:
  • Head Gear
  • Camouflage Snood
  • Latest "Scott" protective goggles and face masks
  • Full body camouflage suits
  • Inferno semi-automatic guns with paintball hopper
  • 50 biodegradable paintballs
  • additional paintball storage hoppers
  • Mission and tactics sheets
  • unlimited air supply
Soft drinks and chocolate are available for purchase from Ambush Paintball.

  What YOU need to bring:
  • Old clothes that you don't mind getting dirty
  • Suitable footwear for running about in the woods and fields
  • Thin gloves (optional)
  • Warm jacket - fleece, wind/waterproof - for the breaks
  • Hat